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By Pass Rotameter

By-Pass Rotameters are ideal for measuring large flow rates at an economical cost.

The Bypass Rotameter consists of a mainline Orifice plate, a set of Orifice Flanges Or a carrier ring, a flow meter, range Orifice, Bypass piping with Isolation Valves.

The differential pressure across the main orifice plate is proportional to the flow rate in the main pipeline. The flow rate indicated in the by pass rotameter is calibrated in terms of flow through the main pipeline, a range orifice is used at the inlet of the Rotameter.

Recommended for large flows in 2” & above size pipe lines, where direct on-line Rotameter is not viable due to high cost and non availability of required diameter Tube.

Technical Specification

Available Sizes 50 mm NB to 450 mm NB
Flow Range 22 to 300 M3/Hr of water or 0.1 to 800 Nm3/Hr of Air , at ambient temperature
Measuring Rotameter Glass Tube / Acrylic Body Rotameter
Wetted Parts MOC SS 316-L , SS 316 , SS 304 , PP , PVDF, PTFE etc