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Low Temperature Viscosity Bath

As per ASTM D-445, ASTM D-446, Ip71, ISO:3104 IEC 61868

Low temperature kinematic viscosity conform to ASTM D445 and D2532 and related test method requirements for viscosity bath temperature stability and uniformity in the temperature range of from +15° to -75°C.

Temperature controller & instrumentation - Eurotherm make fully automatic microprocessor based PID controller having feather touch key board. Display indicating temperature with resolution of 0.01°C  & the controller is having splash proof membrane with PT -100 sensors


  • Test bath for six opening with viscometer holders.
  • Efficient stirrer system. Excellent temperature uniformity in the bath.
  • CFC-free single / cascade refrigeration system will be provided for temperature up to -75°C.
  • Unit for temperature accuracy  ±  0.05 °C
  • Temperature range : +15 to -75°C
  • Power supply : 120 V / 230  Volts  AC. 1 phase, 50 / 60 Hz