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Salt Spray Chamber

As per ASTM B117

This tester conform with CNS, ASTM B117, JIS and ISO 9227 etc. standard, used to test the corrosion resistance performance of different material after protective finish like coating, electroplate, anti-rust oil.

The equipment is made of digitally controlled stainless steel oven with forced air circulation.

The included accessories are Wheel bearing spindle, front wheel hub, driving belt pulley, grease leakage collector, front roller bearing, rear roller bearing.

Spray mode:  A: Continuous salt spray; B: Controllable salt spray.

  • Mainly consist of tank, pneumatic system, water saturation heating unit besides the chamber in control box and salt water tank fully covered with control system; solenoid valves, Auto Water feeder , Air regulator, low level water cut off system with low water level buzzer, with auto purging system and cycle buzzer when the cycle time is over.
  • Inner Tank adopt imported anti-erode, anti-high temperature, aging resistance PP plate, moulding and high temperature welding joint, easy to clean without any headache.
  • Upper cover made from transparent Perspex Sheet, convenient for operate to observe the sample and spray situation.
  • The junction of tank and cover adopt water sealing structure, easy to close and open the cover without salt fog overflow
  • Several layers racket in the tank, to realize sample putting at various direction
  • Specially spray system, to make fog spray and falling uniform, avoid salt fog crystal
  • Independent heating system to ensure the heating effective
  • Temperature control Microprocessor temperature controller, with PID function, high accuracy and long working life
  • Wire control panel and other component all located at side of tank, with lock door can easy inspect and maintain